Roofing Contractor

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home’s construction.  Especially in Minnesota, your roof must endure severe weather and drastic temperature changes.  JBS will install your new roof with the proper techniques, attention and quality products to ensure that it will last through any type of weather.  We will explain and show you all options for shingles, and let you choose the shingle for your roof.

When we install your new roof, or replace your old roof, we take the following steps to ensure quality:

1.         Complete inspection of the roof sheathing for signs of water damage or rot.  We will replace any damaged or rotted sheathing before installation of the remaining roof materials.

2.         Complete inspection to ensure that your roof vents comply with the most recent Code requirements for proper roof ventilation.  If you lack adequate roof ventilation, JBS will install additional vents.

3.         Installation of ice and water shield on all eaves and valleys and around all roof openings and roof-wall intersections;

4.         Installation of metal pipe and dormer flashing, color-clad to match your roof, to prevent leak

5.         Installation of flashing and counter-flashing around your chimney to seal out water.

6.         Installation of new felt underlayment.

7.         Installation of quality shingles of your choice from GAF, Owens-Corning, Certainteed or IKO.

8.         Complete clean-up, including nail removal, after the work is done.

JBS fully warrants its work and will provide you with a complete written warranty when you hire us to install your roof.  If you need a new roof, call JBS Exterior Professionals for a worry-free, top-quality job.